Wilderness Conservation Programme

Askari provides volunteers with a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten; to actively contribute to and participate in the daily management, wildlife research and monitoring activities taking place on a game reserve in Africa. The programme fosters the conservation of wilderness and is based on Pidwa Wilderness Reserve in 17 500 hectares of untamed beauty.

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This morning was the beginning of an exciting few weeks ahead for the team. A goal that we have been working towards for a long time, is to release our Cape buffalo herd into the wild, open system....from where they are currently in the buffalo camp.

And so this morning, we started the process by fitting a collar to the lead female of our herd. The collar will allow us to find and monitor the herd, after they've been released, to see that they are adapting and settling well in their new area. Keep an eye on our news for the big release coming up soon
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Happy international Vulture Awareness Day. This is an important day to raise awareness about these special, but highly threatened birds. As a group they are considered one of the most endangered groups of birds in the world.

Despite their look, vultures are extremely important birds for the ecological functioning of the environment. Their scavenging behaviour reduces organic waste and helps keep ecosystems healthy. This service likely also reduces the spread of disease to animals and humans alike.

At Askari we have the potential to see five of the six species that occur in South Africa. These are the white-backed vulture, cape vulture, hooded vulture, lappet-faced vulture and white-headed vulture. Of these five, three are considered critically endangered. Although there are many threats to vultures, poisoning (both intentionally or by accident), collisions with power lines and lead poisoning are responsible for most of the deaths recorded.

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