Will Hatlapa – England

Askari is a wonderful place, surrounded by fun and interesting people. You will work hard but get every job done with a smile, knowing you are having a positive impact on Pidwa and the conservation of Africa’s wilderness. The staff make you feel welcome straight away and fill you with knowledge you won’t easily forget. Their passion and love for the bush and it’s wildlife in translated in everything we do on a daily basis – it is infectious and motivates all volunteers to get up in the morning. The rewards/rest periods definitely make the hot, hard, exhausting work worth it. Your fellow volunteers come from across the globe and each have an interesting story to tell. As you are all in the same boat you ‘click’ and become solid friends, while learning about different backgrounds and reasons for being here! I have had the time of my life and recommend time at Askari to anyone! I will be back.

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