Aline Tirouflet – France

I think there are not enough words to thank you both for these three months, My project on hyaenas has been very enriching and I think this is one of the projects that have me most passionate in my little life. It is incredible because you pass on your passions and we become passionate. I never thought I would learn so many birds in three months or learn to recognize the tracks of animals or participate in the reintroduction of a cheetah or put camera traps to identify hyaenas. No words in English, or French, are enough to say how much I thank you for this adventure in the bush.

I know sometimes it was not evident to talk with me because I do not speak English well but I promise you that when I come back I will speak much better because I want to come back quickly. Thank you for your smiles and for everyday motivation. I wonder how you can always be so also waking up every day! Very often we are afraid of the unknown and today I am afraid to go back home. Again and again thank you Katie & Ed. I would quickly send you news. I cannot say how much I thank you. See you and keep going because I have loved every day going to Askari.

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