30 Reasons not to join Askari

  1. So people like to believe Askari is some kind of special place

2. But those people are dreaming

3. There were too many roads that lead to nowhere

4. And the view wasn’t even worth it when we got there

5. Neither were the sunsets

6. It was pretty boring most days

7. We didn’t have much to do

8. There was nothing to be inspired by

9. No opportunities to try new things

10. We didn’t meet new people

11. Or have the chance to make life-long friends

12. There were no colourful birds

13. So birding certainly didn’t “change my life”

14. All the animals were pretty much the same

15. We didn’t accomplish anything

16. Or make a difference

17. It was all very boring really

18. Elephants aren’t even that impressive up close

19. The Langa koppie may be the highest point on the reserve but really…..who cares?

20. There was no chance to reach new personal goals

21. There were no rare or special sightings, all just very normal

22. We didn’t learn anything about the bush

23. There was nothing impressive about the trees

24. We made no positive impact on the habitat of the wildlife

25. All the big cats looked the same

26. There we no photo opportunities

27. The reserve was really not that impressive

28. The staff don’t care about what they do

29. And the wildlife was just plain dull.

30. Seriously

Why would anyone want to join the Askari family?

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