David Sarralde – Spain

I spent 4 weeks at Askari and it was not enough, I needed more. I didn’t study anything related to wildlife conservation but I’ve always been interested in it so I decided to do this programme for 4 weeks. During my stay in SA I only stayed at Askari, no beaches, no Cape Town, but I would do it again. It was amazing! In the orientation week I’ve learnt a lot about conservation, animal management and then we put that all into practice. You really feel you are helping and doing a lot for maintaining the correct habitat for the animals. Katie an Ed are wonderful people, with them around you always feel good and they will answer all your questions. It really feels like a family. Living at the bush for 4 weeks was amazing. In the middle of the reserve, surrounded by wild animals. It was an awesome experience. I’m coming home with much more knowledge about wilderness and I want to learn more and more. I hope to see you again Katie and Ed, You truly are special people, Thank you!


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