Aline Tirouflet – France

I hardly know where to start but Askari isn’t a basic volunteer project. It’s my second time in Askari and I’m always glad to be involved in this amazing experience. It’s not just a basic eco-volunteer, it’s much more than that, real work for conservation and you can see the challenge of African reserves. How they manage it and the importance of preservation of different animals, birds, trees, insects. It isn’t only Big 5 conservation because the most insignificant thing may have consequences on the nature. My time at Askari was indescribable, amazing, a dream. This experience gave me a lot of knowledge and a family. Robbie and Katie are incredible managers in this reserve and I had a lot of funny moments and laughs with my Askari family. 2 months is never enough but for sure I will come back soon. I lived an unbelievable experience, wonderful views of landscape, sunsets, the moon, animals, Kruger park and many other amazing things and days at Askari. I can never thank you enough.

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