Clair McCabe – Scotland

It’s difficult to summarise Askari but I will try. Breath taking views, hands on conservation, assisting vet, security and longevity of fences, alien plant control, protection of trees, manual labour, gathering research information along with many animal and bird sightings, and not forgetting the beautiful sunsets. The team are very focused, approachable, hard-working and informative. Their enthusiasm is infectious. This has been my first trip to Africa and I definitely chose the best volunteer group. Throughout my time at Askari I met a few volunteers from other projects and Askari still stands out as they put a lot of effort in to educate volunteers and involve them in as much as possible. Even with fun and relaxing activities you’re still learning. I hope Askari continues along this path to become a benchmark in conservation and I am delighted and proud to have been a small part of it. I am sad to leave after 4 weeks but hope to return one day. Like many other volunteers before and after me will say “Askari has been a dream come true”, thanks again.

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