Celine Douel – France

This was my very first time in Africa – and what a wonderful way in! First of all, I came here to discover southern Africa wildlife, and my expectations were fulfilled. What a pleasure to see the animals in the bush, in the most natural habitat a game reserve can provide. Jumping in the game viewer each morning is like heading for an adventure, not knowing what you would find. Also the “no off-roading” policy means that you do not disturb the animal. If he/she wants to stay a while with you, he/she stays on the road and if not, he/she vanishes into the bush. All that makes each and every sighting and incredible moment, when you feel close to wilderness. Also, the lectures (elephants, cheetah, wilderness) and the books provided are very instructed. The more you get to know about different species, the more you appreciate them. That’s how I got into birding! And then, the place, the people made this experience a great human moment. Katie and Robbie are amazing, attentive to each one of us, eager to share their passion of the bush. Also, I really enjoyed the team spirit in our group of 10. Aside from getting along with each other, everyone was dedicated when it came to work and duties. It was so satisfying to see the progress in gabions, tre protection and even skoffling. And finally, the house is very comfy, with all that you can need and designed to share collective moments in the vast living room. The garden is nice with the pool and volleyball pitch – and it also a perfect place for birding. Thank you and I wish I can come back!

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