Ines Comte – Belgium

Askari has been a blessing in my life. This authentic and helpful project is everything I’ve been dreaming of. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect coming here as it was my first experience with wildlife volunteering but I can now safely say that I made one of the best choices of my life by choosing Askari. The activities are both purposeful and fun. You can see that the hard work you’re providing is truly making a difference. I’ve honestly never felt this useful. The schedule is perfectly organised with enough time to relax but not so much time that you’re getting bored. Last but not least, Katie and Robbie are the best staff you could ever hope for. Always there if you need anything, always in a good mood and ready to teach you more and more every day. Their passion for the bush and wildlife is obvious and can be felt in everything they do. So one last time, thank you for everything you do. It not only has an impact on wildlife but on every person who is lucky enough to experience this adventure. It’s easy to see that coming here, you’re going to be undoubtedly touched and changed along the way. I will always remember and cherish my time in Africa.

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