Chloe Tessier – France

My stay at Askari was wonderful, I enjoyed everything in the bush, the sessions of work, the animals, the tour trips and the house. Askari is a real serious programme that really aims at working on the conservation of a reserve in Africa. I felt so happy and proud to have been part of such an amazing project. Each people I met were nice, helpful and available when we needed it. Katie is doing an amazing job as the manager of Askari and she is really passionate about it. It is such a pleasure to share this passion with her. Same for Donald, he is also passionate and in involced in his misison here. The house of volunteers is also really nice and the food really good. I conclude, I spent an amazing time at Askari, I will never forget it and I am actually wondering when I am going to come back! Thank you for everything and congratulations for the great job you are doing, keep it up and never change

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