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This video is especially for the amazing sounds! Obviously a little confused and scared, Rumi and Rae had plenty to say to each other as they ended their journey on Friday and left their crates in the boma #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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We did it! SUCCESS! Yesterday the team achieved the logistical nightmare of returning our cheetah girls Rumi and Rae back home 🥳🥳🥳. You may have followed the events as, a few weeks ago, they got trapped on the wrong side of the flooded river then relocated themselves to pidwa east. .After weeks of searching, driving, getting stuck in the mud and walking.....everything finally came together to attempt the move. The girls were found together for the 1st time, they were relatively accessible, there was no flood and the vet was available.....we had to take our chance!.The hot, 30 degree +, conditions were far from ideal but it was the only chance we had. All went well and we were able to dart and relocate both the girls together. They travelled in crates through gates, across the reserve and through the flooded river and are back on Langa langa, their original territory. For now they have gone back into the boma. Rumi especially has been struggling, so we now have the chance to feed her up a little and reset ready to go again. It also gives us the chance to repair fences now that the water is finally receding. .An amazing team effort and also many thanks to Dr Peter Rogers and his team for helping us with the rescue mission. We are so relieved to have them back 😊😊 #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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The Askari team spent the morning working with breeding manager Andrew and Dr Peter Rogers with some sable antelope. We collected a new bull and put him into the breeding camps, therefore changing the genetic bloodline. We also re-darted the female who had the foot injury a few weeks ago who is looking much improved #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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