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While out on a monitoring drive checking up on cheetah sisters Rumi and Rae the Askari team was lucky enough to encounter the Askari pride on the move. Currently in charge of the Northern territory is the Askari pride consisting of 2 adult females and their younger offspring consisting of 1 male and 6 females. As the pride currently moves around without any adult males, tensions are high to see which of the more dominant Southern males will move North to try and claim a new pride.Video credit: Audrey Fanjoy ... See MoreSee Less
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The cold, dry winter days with minimal rain produces the near perfect substrate for tracking animals moving at all different hours of both day and night. Over the last few weeks many interesting tracks and signs have been found and here you can see our current volunteer group setting up different camera traps in the hopes of catching a few of these elusive animals in their tracks...Stay tuned to see what we capture. ... See MoreSee Less
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Monday morning and it has already been a fantastic start to the week for our female cheetah and the best news following their release last week. Breeding manager Andrew has found both girls this morning and sent some photos through, each one has their own kill! They actually already split up on day 1 of release but this is not a surprise as females are solitary and they are well past the independence age. Rumi has a duiker breakfast which is actually her 1st ever confirmed SOLO kill. Rae went a little bigger and has a kudu...her 2nd confirmed kudu kill! Awesome work girls 💪🏻😍 #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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