Terms & Conditions
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or over at the time of attending Askari. The maximum age for volunteering is 55.
  • The minimum required stay is 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks.
  • Volunteers must be in good physical health and willing to carry out activities with physical demands.
  • Volunteers must have a good understanding of the English language to follow safety instructions and benefit from activities.
  • Volunteers must sign and agree to the Askari indemnity policy.
  • Volunteers must act within the rules of the Health & Safety policy as set out by Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme at all times. Failure to do so may result in them being asked to leave the programme.
  • Volunteers are responsible for providing the requested information in the application form regarding any medical conditions. In the event of the specified medical conditions not being disclosed and subsequently causing a breach in safety procedures, Askari reserves the right to remove volunteers from the programme.
  • Volunteers are responsible for carrying and administering the appropriate medication for any conditions declared. Askari staff are unable take responsibility for and administer medication.
  • On arrival at Askari, volunteers will receive a copy of the Terms & Conditions, Health & Safety policy, Procedures regarding a breach of safety policy and Risk assessment. They will be asked to sign that they understand and agree to all terms.
  • Volunteers are responsible for ensuring they hold adequate health and medical insurance for their trip. Please note that a standard cover may not be adequate for the nature of all activities and you should check the exact cover of the policy carefully.
  • Volunteers are responsible for all travel to and from the project pick up point.
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Kill number 3 for our female cheetah Rae today, duiker lunch 🥳 #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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It's been a fantastic few days for the big cats here at Askari. We were lucky enough to spend time with this stunning young male leopard on Monday. How was your start to the week? 😜. Thanks for the incredible capture @naturebynats#askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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Such an exciting start to our week when we set out to check on female cheetah Rae and got a little more than we bargained for because....she'd met some boys! 🥰. One male, pictured here, was resting especially close by to Rae. His son was also there but Rae wasn't quite so keen on him! It was great to see them all relaxed together as males can sometimes be aggressive and even injure females. We will keep you updated with their interactions in the coming days. Yet another step in the right direction on Rae's epic journey. Thanks to Gwen for the great pic #askariwcp ... See MoreSee Less
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