Diana Shu – Italy

First of all I really want to thank Constance of the agency who has been very helpful for preparing my trip here. It is thanks to her that I am here living this wonderful experience. Secondly a big thank you to Katie and Ed who make you at home at the first moment. They were very welcoming and I got into the ‘ambience’ very fast. I have learned many things about the biodiversity and the animals through their explanations and they were always happy to answer all our questions. Now I have a different opinion about the hyaenas and I appreciate and admire all the wild animals even more. As an animal lover, seeing all these creatures so close to us is an inexplicable feeling.

Finally I should like to thank the other volunteers too who share my same passion. We are a very nice group and we really feel like a big family. Together we shared many unforgettable moments and it was a nice occasion to make new friends too.

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