Naya Cunningham – New Zealand

Dear Askari,

As a volunteer, I thought I would be helping you, but in the most unexpected and awesome way you’ve changed my life. Thank you for the real life adventures, thank you letting me work alongside you and feel the satisfaction of helping to maintain your wonderful wildlife reserve, thank you for sharing your wisdom on conservation and animals, and much thanks for your great sense of humour. The animal interactions were unbelievable, so exciting and fun. I went to South Africa a bit apprehensive and unsure, and I came home with a new found understanding about wildlife and the world.

Katie and Robbie, you are real life superheroes! Day to day I see numerous Social Media posts about animal plights and struggles that can really stay in the mind and its hard to deal with sometimes. It’s a great equalizer to know you are out there doing what you do. #elephantshavemorefun

Much Love and Respect,

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